Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Now that we're a few days into 2012, I've finalized my list of things I want to work on for this year.  I don't like creating "resolutions," but I do use the new year as an opportunity to reflect on things I think I can or should improve.

Here's my list:

1) Riding my bike more: I used to be so good about going for bike rides in the evenings after work and I really want to get back into that.  It's tricky right now since it gets dark so early, but come Spring/Summer I definitely plan to take my bike out more.

2) Cooking at home more: This is another thing I used to do a lot that somehow just stopped happening.  There are a lot of new recipes I want to try and I plan on introducing my husband (who is just about the pickiest eater ever) to new foods, too.

3) Spending less and saving more: Isn't this always a new year's goal?!  We are planning to buy a house later this year so it's definitely time to buckle down when it comes to spending less on frivolous items (damn you, Target, for being my weakness!) and focusing on what will undoubtedly be the biggest purchase we've ever made.  

4) Not sweating the small stuff: Sometimes I am good about this, and other times not so much.  Either way, I just want to start being better about remembering what's really important and not wasting time worrying about silly things.

What are your goals for 2012?

And, on a totally random note, since the only pictures I took on NYE was poor quality iPhone pics, here's a peek at the ridiculously sparkly nail polish I wore.  China Glaze's "Blond Bombshell."  I highly recommend it for any occasion where glitter is appropriate.

Here's to a fabulous 2012!


  1. it's so scary riding bikes in san francisco that i've only ridden mine once! i almost died so i'm too scared to try again

  2. Target is my greatest weakness when it comes to impulse buying, too. It's bad.
    xo Josie


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